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This is a modelled and debugged process for recruiting people. It includes all the steps from a request to search for candidates to hiring one. 

The process is compatible with the following Contentum application: ECM, CRM, Projects and with other system components. 

When a user starts this process in Contentum web interface, they can be sure, that: 

  • A specialist will be found; 
  • It will be done quickly; 
  • The specialist will have the required experience and skill; 
  • By the first working day of the specialist, all the required documents and the workplace will be prepared. 

A recruitment request will not get lost and its execution will not be delayed. The system automatically assigns tasks at each process step after the previous one has been completed. 

For example, any employee can submit a recruitment request, but HR will not start looking for candidates until the employee’s manager approves the request. In this case, the request will be timely and well defined which will facilitate the work of HR specialists.

«Recruitment Request» form

Making a Recruitment Request

A user starts the process and fills in the recruitment request form. The form includes fields for information about the job opening.

The system identifies the manager, who has to approve the request according to the organizational structure and sends it to them. The manager can send it back for revision or approve it. Then the request is handed over to HR.

Selection of Candidates

An HR specialist finds candidates and adds information on them to the Applicants form. The system generates the list of applicants, which is convenient to work with. HR specialists always know the status of each applicant.

For each new candidate, the system starts the Job Interview sub-process.

Job Interview

An HR specialist holds an interview. After that, the applicant is considered by a responsible manager.

The system notifies HR about the results of the consideration. If the applicant is approved, they are hired for the job.


If the applicant accepts the job offer, the recruitment process completes with a series of tasks for preparing a workplace and necessary documents.

«Select applicants» form

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