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Before a newly hired employee starts working, the employer must register them in the personnel records and prepare their workplace. These operations are typical for many companies, but frequently the time limits and executors are not determined. A new employee is often required to begin working as soon as possible. The well-designed Employment process helps solve these issues. 

A user can initiate the Employment process in the Contentum web interface as an independent process. However, it can be part of the extended Recruitment Request process.

Contract approval form

Offer a Job to an Applicant" Task

An HR specialist offers a job to an applicant.

If the applicant accepts the offer, it is necessary to register them in the personnel records. The responsible users receive respective tasks and can check them out in the Contentum web interface.

"Prepare a Workplace" Task

The head of the department where the newly hired employee belongs must prepare a workplace for a new member.

"Prepare a Workplace" Task

The head of the IT department configures access permissions to the company’s information systems, such as Contentum.

"Prepare a Workplace" Task

The HR specialist is responsible for preparing an employment contract and registering the new employee.

Members of different departments simultaneously perform all the required operation. The employees cannot neglect or postpone the tasks since they are displayed in the Contentum web interface. The process approach allows reducing the time spent on the employment procedures.

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