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Termination of

In case of voluntary termination or dismissal of an employee, a company has to complete a number of standard procedures. It is necessary to prepare documents, notify managers, calculate wages and close access to the enterprise information systems. 

In practice, these tasks are delegated to several company divisions. The problem is that no one, in particular, is responsible for the overall result. It is unclear who will check if the procedures are complete: the access is locked, the equipment returned, etc. 

For the organizations, who use Contentum for the business process modeling and automation, we have designed the Termination of Employment process. It is easy to implement – you can customize the process or extend it as you see fit. There is no need to model the business process from scratch. You only need to specify the executors, and then you can start working.

If you link all the procedures and make up a single business process, the personnel will have a clear picture of what they need to do. This helps you avoid unnecessary questions and clarifications, and thus reduce time spent on procedures. Due to this approach, all the necessary operations are sure to be done. 

A user starts the process from the main page of the Contentum web interface and fills out the employee´s information in a special form.

Selecting an employee

Any Contentum user can run the process; however, we recommend providing access permissions exclusively to managers.

Setup instructions will be available after the download or installation of the business process.

Depending on whether the employer or the employee terminates the employment, the process can have two different sequence flows.

Working in the Contentum web interface, users receive tasks they need to perform at the current stage of the process. The system automatically assigns a new task after the previous user has complete their task successfully.

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