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Human resources are the most important assets of an organization. Each employee has a right to go on vacation every year. Sometimes employees need to leave their workplace for personal reasons. It´s a normal state of things. 

Problems may arise when an employee leaves their job in the middle of an important project or forgets to inform HR about their absence. These events may seem small and insignificant, but they make a bigger impact than one would think. 

The Leave Request business process determines procedures that must be carried out when an employee goes on leave. This ready-to-use process helps to: 


Timely notify the heads of departments about the employee’s absence. It can be a notification about a day off, a scheduled leave or a sick day. 

Approve leave requests.

Coordinate work of an accounting department and HR in case of employee´s leave.

"Fill in the leave Request Form" Task

A user starts the Leave Request process in Contentum web interface. The request form contains all the necessary fields. The system automatically determines the responsible user who must consider the request. Then the respective user approves or rejects the leave request.

If users are required to indicate the reasons for absence, they attach a relevant electronic document to the task form.

Users can customize leave types according to their demands. For example, they can configure:

  • Annual paid leave;
  • Leave without pay;
  • Maternity leave;
  • Child care leave;
  • Study leave,
  • Sick leave, etc.

The system automatically sends the leave request to the manager for consideration. If the request is approved, the system generates a Leave Request sheet from a template. The users need to create and add their own templates to the system the first time they launch the process or use the template which forms part of this solution. Once the template is added, the system will use it to create a Leave Request sheet.

The initiator receives a task to print and sign the Leave Request sheet and hand it over to an HR department. If it is a paid leave, the accounting department receives a task to give out money.

"Print and Sign the Leave Request Form“ Task

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