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Business Trip

A business process for arranging a business trip. You can use it in Contentum BPM system. This component is compatible with Contentum ECM, Contentum CRM, Contentum Projects and Contentum KPI applications and with other solutions. 

It does not take much effort to automate business trip activities – from a trip request to reporting the trip results. You only have to specify job positions of the employees, who prepare memos, give out money and participate in organization of the business trip. The system will assign tasks to their executors. 

Automation of the business trip process has several benefits. It makes all the actions, necessary for a business trip to take place, clear and consistent. The system will not assign a task of giving out money before the trip is approved and the required documents are prepared. The system will remind to book a hotel room and a flight. The process instance of a particular trip will not be closed until the manager receives a report on the trip. 

When sending a business trip request, an employee can be sure, that it will be processed, approved and the documents will be prepared.

Business trip request form

With the process automated in Contentum, a business trip will be properly prepared at all the stages. Executors receive tasks in Web Application. The process includes consecutive and parallel tasks.

Business trip approval

Report on the business trip

If the process is automated, all the activities, performed by the employees are aimed at the eventual result. Starting with creating a trip request, the process goes through all the necessary steps and finishes, when the manager obtains a trip report.

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