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Providing a company’s departments with computer equipment is a supporting business process. It is not that difficult to purchase new computers or install a printer or fax machine, but it may cause a lot of fuss and trouble. If an employee makes too many unnecessary calls and other actions in order to obtain required equipment, they will have less time and energy to complete important tasks. 

It would seem that a couple of calls will not be much of a distraction, and there is not any point in optimizing the equipment purchasing process. That is incorrect. The thing is any company has quite a few supporting business processes. Together they take a lot of time. While it is much simpler to improve such processes, than remodel the main business process. Optimizing supporting processes will improve the productivity of the company. 

When an employee starts the process in Contentum, they know, that the request will be sent for approval and then to the person, responsible for purchasing equipment. If the required equipment is not available at that moment, the budget owner will have to approve or reject the request. After that, an accountant will pay the supplier’s invoice. This way, the work on the process is executed strictly according to the process map. Once the equipment is purchased and installed, the system will complete the process.

«Fill in the request» form

An employee starts a process by clicking a button on the main page of Contentum web interface and selecting the Equipment Request. After that, they receive the first task – to create the equipment request.

Based on the company’s organizational structure, the system defines the manager of the process initiator and sends them the request for approval.

«Approve the request» task

Once the request has been approved, it is sent to the person, responsible for purchasing and installing equipment.

If the company can provide the equipment, the initiator will receive the task to pick it up. If the company has to buy the equipment first, the request will be sent for approval to the budget owner.

«Pay the invoice» task

After that, the person, responsible for purchasing equipment has to inquire an invoice from the supplier.

Then an accountant receives the invoice and pays it.

The employee, responsible for purchasing equipment receives a task to install it. The process initiator receives a notification that the equipment is ready and the process completes

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